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Add power and visibility to your online presence along with other respected Hypnotherapists and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners throughout the country attracting even more clients to your website and your appointment calendar by listing your practice on any (or all) of our growing list of branded national directories. You can list your practice on any of our directories for free or you can choose our Premium Listing to supercharge your listing by adding unlimited amounts of content, images plus customer reviews to really attract the search engines. Our Premium Listing is currently being offered at an introductory price of only $5 per month per directory. This represents a 66% savings and is “Forever Pricing”. When you take advantage of our introductory price, it’s all you’ll ever pay.

With our Premium Listing you also become a featured contributor to our website by adding your own informational or promotional articles. So list your Hypnotherapy or NLP practice today on any of our industry exclusive directories starting with our flagship site HappinessNowHypnotherapy.com.  Our growing list of other exclusive industry and practice specific Directories include the Hypnotherapy-Directory like Lose Weight with Hypnosis, Hypnosis to Quit Smoking with more being added all the time.

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Hypnotherapy Directories Being Added Soon

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*Certified Practice Directories are available exclusively for Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners who have completed the certifying process. Certification is conducted by the International Association of Hypnotherapists & NLP Practitioners. For more information on Certification visit the IAHNLP website